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Posted by Khandice Lawrence on June 11, 2019 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (76)

On Sunday June 16th,  we will honor all of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and all the men who fill such important roles in the lives of our families and our church. Fathers we salute you. We want you to know how important you are to us. We want you to know that we realize how much you teach us.


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We want to thank our church family for supporting two anniversaries on June 7th and June 8th.  We appreciate your support and time commitment to support Pastor Neyland's seventh Pastoral Anniversary and Pastor Taylor's 33rd Anniversary. Both Praise Teams and the Band provided excellenct service to the ministry. 


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Every year we celebrate the birth of Christ in December during the Christmas Holiday Season.  If you are interested in participating in the Christmas Program, please talk to Martha Lawrence, so we can plan and prepare in advance. Start inviting family and friends ahead of time, so we can fill the church with guests. 

Do you like the idea of acting? Are you interested in participating in a play? 

We will begin practicing for the play in the 2018 Fall.  If you would like to take part in the play, please talk to Lady K. Our first play practice will be in September. Most practices will be held on Saturdays at Lady K home or Rhodean 's home at 10am or 1pm. 

You are required to memorize scripts, so if you do not have the time to learn your lines or attend the practices regularly, then you may want to consider participating in other ways.

Christmas is coming soon!  


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RUTH CARTER: She has undergone surgery and will undergo future medical procedures over the next year. Please pray for her strength, courage and most of all health. 

LATRICE & MIKE: They were involved in a hit and run car accident. Latrice has fractured wrists and both her and her son Michael have injuries, strains and pains in the rest of the bodies. We pray that the person will come forward and take responsibility. 

DORCUS BROWN-SMITH and JOSEPH SMITH: Dorcus's son was recently diagnosed with a Tumor growth in his right leg Fibula. At age 14, he will be undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotheraphy, so we want to keep this family at the top of our prayer list. 

APRIL ADAMS: She has been diagnosed with a serious illness and needs our love and support through prayer and action. 

PERMANENT CHURCH BUILDING:  The House of God give us a sense of presence in the community.  It is where the Lord’s church meets for worship, fellowship and Bible study. These buildings also provide important space for assemblies,  good works and storage is needed. The world is not going to provide the space for us. So, we must plan and spend in view of these needs.

PASTOR JAMES A. LAWRENCE: Our pastor is a dedicated and faithful man of God. In addition to pastoring GBCC, he is a husband, father and works full-time for the State of Oregon. We need to pray for God to transition him into full-time ministry, so he can retire from the workforce and focus on his passion for Christ and Kingdom Building.  

BYD's Annual Community Service Project

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On July 15, 2017, BYD distributed 200 sack lunches to the downtown community. An anonymous donor contributed all food items needed to prepare meals for our Portland Homeless population. Each lunch contained the following items:

1. Sandwich- Ham & Cheese or Peanut Butter and Jelly

2. Fruit snack

3. Crackers/chips

4. Cookies/granola bars

5. Napkins;handy wipe

6. An encourage note 

We had a total of 30 volunteers who helped prepare and distribute lunch sacks. We thank everyone for your support! 


7 Ways to Inspire Youth Engagement in Ministry

Posted by Khandice Lawrence on January 30, 2014 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (2)

I hear frequently that it’s hard to get the younger generation to serve in the church.  I don’t think it’s because they don’t want to serve, however. I think we may simply need to reconsider the circumstances under which they are willing to serve or the structure that works to attract them to serve.


Here are 7 ways to get young people to serve:

1. Don’t just talk about it … do it. They truly want to be active. They want to be doers of the word … not just hearers.


2. Reward progress … not people. Humble service is a valued character trait to the current younger generation. That’s why they love teams so much.


3. Think people impact…not project completion. They want to help others … make a difference in someone’s life … and add value to the world around them.


4. Make meetings social events. Boring meetings won’t work anymore, but they’ll get together for pizza … and organize a cause in the process.


5. Use teams more than committees. They tend to rebel against bureaucracy and embrace working together through fellowship.


6. Give ownership more than assignments. They want a seat at the table. They want to do something of importance now. They want to help shape their own future. Make them feel welcome.


7. Be inclusive, not exclusive. They aren’t looking for the country club environment, as much as a collaboration of differences.


None of these mean we have to lessen our values to work with the younger generation, but our values should be Biblical, and clearly identified. This newer generation is more tolerant. It’s not a buzzword for them … it’s in their DNA. The good news is they are more willing to work with others, even if they don’t completely agree with them. If they know people are being transparent with them and others, and are working to address a concern in which they believe needs addressing, they are eager to serve.


What have you learned about getting a younger generation to serve?

Youth Serving in Ministry

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Did you know that Matthias Evans has been our sound technician on Sunday Mornings? Not only has he done an amazing job keeping our microphones working efficiently, but he brought his own equipment to play gospel music during our services. In addition, he helps our hospitality/usher department set-up for Sunday Morning Worship Service. We are so proud and blessed to have Matthias Evans as an important member of our youth department and our church family.

Did you know that Josh Lawrence has been playing for our church for 4 years now? His drumming skills are unmatched and his dedication to both Praise Teams has been a blessing to our church family.

Did you know that Elise Cochran has been a part of the Usher department for approximately 6 months? Her professionalism and support to our congregation and the President of the usher department Sis. Adams. The bible says that if we teach a child in the way he/she should go, they will not depart from you. We are training our young people to make a difference in the Kingdom of God and they will see and reap the benefits naturally and spiritually in life.

Did you know that Jazmon Lawrence is very active in youth ministry? Not only does she dance with Praise Dance Productions, put the lyrics to praise and worship songs on the overhead, so the congregation can read and learn the worship songs, and but she also sings with the Youth Praise team.

When you see our young people, give them a hug and word of encouragement. 

Did you know?

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GBCC's church family is proud to announce that Destinee Love received a scholarship opportunity to go to San Francisco, California to do community service during spring break. She will be leaving on March 23rd, 2014. Most young people use spring break as an opportunity to relax and hang out with family and friends, but Destinee chose to do work in Kingdom building. Can you imagine how filled our churches would be if we all did more for the lost, down trodden people in our community? Let's celebrate our youth for stepping up Jesus and thinking beyond one's self to help others. What have you done lately for your community?

GBCC Singles Ministry

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Our church family is blessed to have Sis. Debra Adams leading and coordinating the Singles Ministry. Being singler herself, she understands some of the barriers and issues that single people are challenged with daily. She listened to God's call and decided to walk in her passion by bringing the singles together to talk, celebrate and support the singles in GBCC's church family. If you have any ideas or want to be involved, then please talk to Sis. Debra Adams. You are not alone, because you always have Christ and you have the fellowship of like minded single christians.

Youth Service

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The youth ministry coordinated an awesome service in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. The theme of the service was called, "Liberty in Christ." Pastor Marcus Shambri was the guest speaker and he brought a word of encouragement that resignated with the congregation. If you missed this service, you do not want to miss the next youth service. Keep checking the upcoming events for future dates. If you want to be involved, please talk to Lady Khandice Lawrence and/or Sis. Brittinie Love.


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